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Zantac Lawsuit Lawsuits
9 months ago


Thousands of Zantac lawsuit claims are going to be filed over the next couple of years claiming Zantac products cause cancer. The law firm representing these victims is reviewing Zantac lawsuit claims brought forth by former Zantac users claiming to have been affected by certain toxic metals in Zantac preparations. A number of them were even found to have traces of lead in their blood. Lead can be a particularly insidious toxin that is associated with various diseases and malformations and can be particularly dangerous if it gets into the system.


It is this lawsuit atmosphere that has caused many people to be extremely leery of the claims of prescription drug companies that make cancer claims in their Zantac commercials. Many consumers just want to know for sure that there is not some insidious plot afoot by big pharmaceutical corporations to get ahead of the fight against aging and illness. That's why the lawsuit crisis seems so serious. In any case, the fact that many people are concerned about the effects of prescription drugs on their health should not deter people from trying to get their hands on Zantac or any other anti-aging drug.


There is no doubt that Zantac Lawsuit claims will lead to more awareness of the dangers of certain cancer-causing toxins in the food and water supply. This lawsuit is also likely to drive more researchers and scientists to get involved in studying the effects of long term exposure to these compounds. There is no telling how far in the future we might see these types of tests leading to significant breakthroughs in the fight against aging. But that seems to be a safer route to take than being left in the dark while ailing people get sick and must spend their last years fighting for financial compensation.


One lawsuit that is pending involves a woman who developed breast cancer due to taking a Zantac drug that contained a substance that had not been approved by the FDA. In this instance, there is a chance that the drug manufacturer will be held legally responsible because they did not submit an application that was acceptable to the FDA. The company is also facing a class-action suit for failing to warn the public about the dangers of the drug. If either case moves forward, it is likely that there will be more lawsuits like the one filed against Zantac over the defective design of their valisurelethane.


If another ranitidine like drug company takes this approach to producing a prescription medication for cancer treatment, we are headed for big trouble. We have already seen the failures of several different pharmaceutical companies that are struggling to get their drugs to the market. What happens if the Food and Drug Administration says "no." That opens the door to drug lawsuits. The lawsuits could force a company that makes the faulty product to pay damages to people who develop cancerous tumors, just because they were simply trying to help people avoid losing their health.


There is no guarantee that this will occur, but there is certainly a possibility of class action litigation in this case. Whether or not the company decides to settle the case, the individual plaintiffs may have enough evidence to sue the company. If this happens, the costs to the company will come through the roof, as they have to pay for lawyer's fees, which could exceed tens of thousands of dollars. It is possible that the company does decide to fight the individual lawsuits, but it is also possible that they will lose in an effort to save their reputation. See more here...


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